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Thank you for visiting our website. MJM Hill Driving School is the most comprehensive and effective driving school in Green County.

MJM Hill Driving School employs three licensed instructors. Our instructors are continuously updating their educational training on teen driving safety which is passed on in the classroom. We are well trained to recognize behavioral and perceptual errors in young drivers and correct them in the vehicle.

Information On Teen Driving  |  How Important Is Drivers Education?

MJM Hill Driving School recognizes a child's driving skills are critical to their safety. We have a strong reputation as a quality driver education program in Green County which is important to us. Wisely invest in your child's safe driving practices by enrolling in a quality driver's education program. This is one decision that you don't get a second chance at.



    What programs are offered at MJM Hill Driving School 

Reach us at (608)328-2090

Blended Class and Behind-the-Wheel:  Classes will be held at MJM Hill Driving School on Monday nights and Saturday mornings.  Night class runs from 6:30 to 8:30pm and Saturday mornings run from 9:00 - 11:00am.  Each class meets once a week on a Monday night or a Saturday morning for 5 weeks.    The cost for this 3 part program, in class instruction,  online instruction  and Behind-the-Wheel instruction is $340. See the details of the blended class below.

 30 hours all On-line Class and Behind-the-Wheel: The cost of this is $330.00.  If you are looking to do all 30 hours of instruction on-line because you can't make all the classroom days and want the Behind-the-Wheel instruction too - we now offer that option.  Students have 90 days to complete this 30 hour online program.  If they don't complete in 90 days they can extend their access for an additional 30 days at an additional cost of $30.00.  Print and fill out the application form, send it in with payment and we will set up your online program as soon as your contract is received.  Look in your e-mail for a welcome letter to start your program. It's as simple as that. Students can complete 2 lessons a day to complete the program.  The price of $330.00 includes the online classes and the behind the wheel program.  Look to the right side of the home page and click on the link in the orange box APPLICATIONS for online classes application.

Behind-the-Wheel Only:​​​​​​  We also provide behind the wheel program on its own.  The cost for this program is $300.00.  Click on the Behind the Wheel Only link in the orange Applications box on the right side of the page to register for this program 

Failure To Yield:. We offer an ON-LINE  Failure To Yield class for those who have received a failure to yield ticket and must take this class to keep their driver's license.  This class is a 2 hour program that can be completed in only day.  Please contact us at (608) 328-2090 to have a contract this service.  The cost of this class is $75.00

What is a Blended class?  It blends instructor lead education and on-line education together.  It is the best of both worlds.  The classroom instruction is one day a week for 5 weeks (10 hours).  Online class is 20 (1hour) lessons. They can do up to 2 lessons a day and can stop a lesson anytime and return to it exactly where they left off. Students are given 90 days to complete the on-line portion.  They MUST complete the on-line portion PRIOR to getting their permit. The program can be run on a desktop/laptop/tablet/cell phone. It is an enhancement to what we cover in the classroom. The text is at a very easy reading level so students at any level of reading are succussful in this program.  There are movies, photographs and graphs so visual learners' educational needs are met as well. We have really put a lot of time and effort into providing a high quality program for students at all levels of learning.  This program has a proven record of increasing the overall permit test score of our students which we could not be happier for.  To sign up look to the Blended Classes offered to the right and register for the date you want to start classes.

Classes can be paid by check, cash, or money order.  Mail applications to MJM Hill Driving School, 931 8th St. Suite 102 Monroe, WI  53566

Blended class - Monticello:
Starting 6/17/19
9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Blended class-Albany:
Starting 6/17/19
12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Blended Class - Pecatonica:
Starting 6/24/19
9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
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