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Welcome to MJM Hill Driving School and thank-you for your interest in our program. In 2001, Kelly and Jeff Hill opened MJM Hill Driving School, named after and inspired by their three young children Melissa, Jeffrey and Megan. MJM Hill Driving School started with one part-time instructor. In 2003 we grew into a full time driving school program and in 2005 we have 3 licensed instructors. Jeff and Kelly Hill are committed to providing families with an opportunity for a quality driver education program at a time when the School Districts have removed it from their curriculum.

How important IS driver education? Did you know that one out of every nine licensed drivers will have a collision THIS YEAR. There are more drivers on the road each year and these drivers don't drive as safe as they should. As a parent we need to ask; what do I want my child to learn in a driver education program and what is of a good, defensive driver training worth? It is a fact that over 40,000 people die in car accidents each year in this country, most because they have not been trained well or have forgotten their defensive driver training. DO NOT let your child be one of them.

With these facts in mind, MJM Hill Driving School developed a curriculum approved and licensed by the State of Wisconsin that sets us apart from other schools in the way we teach our curriculum. We go beyond the textbook and tests using several types of interactive materials to accommodate all types of student learners. Defensive driving skills are the number one factors in all aspects of our program. It starts as the building block and is enhanced throughout the chapters. Our instructors are licensed by the State of Wisconsin in driver training; both behind the wheel and classroom instruction and these instructors also serve our communities as Professional Educators, Law Enforcement Officers, and Teen Mentors. (see instructors)

MJM Hill Driving School is a locally owned business providing services to and financially giving back to the communities in which we live. By operating in this capacity we have built a strong trust and a solid relationship with students and parents alike. This has been necessary to properly teach each student to drive like a responsible adult. It is our privilege to work with your family and thank you for giving us the opportunity to be a part of your lives.

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