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Did you know that one out of every nine licensed drivers will have a collision THIS YEAR. With these facts in mind, MJM Hill Driving School developed a curriculum approved and licensed by the State of Wisconsin that sets us apart from other schools in the way we teach our curriculum. Not only do our students learn from the textbooks and tests, we have gone beyond this, purchasing several types of interactive educational materials to accommodate all types of student learners.

We use the Zero Error Driving Simulation stations designed by the National Highway Safety Administration. This program gives students a visual of 180 scenes in the country, city, and multi-lane highway and allows the student to make quick driving decisions. Defensive driving skills are the number one factors in all aspects of our program. It starts as the building block and is enhanced throughout the chapters. This knowledge is then put in practice with the Behind the Wheel training that follows or classroom or can be done similaniously.

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