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Dear Parents or Guardians,

Most parents or guardians feel a little apprehensive when their teenagers are in the process of getting a driver's license. You are aware, as I am that traffic crashes kill and injure thousands of young Wisconsin residents every year. MJM Hill Driving School is designed to help our teenagers become safe, responsible drivers and passengers. The classroom curriculum will address:

  • Safety and risk issues with driving on today's roadways
  • Safety belts use as required as a part of driving privilege
  • Driving as a responsibility, not a right
  • No drinking/no driving rules because a driver is ultimately responsible for all passengers
The Behind-the-Wheel portion of the curriculum is designed to give instruction and reinforce classroom teaching. Although I encourage teenagers to drive as much as possible to establish good driving skills, I also understand that parents/guardians may restrict their teenager's driving at first until they have demonstrated that they have the maturity and good judgement required to handle an automobile safely and responsibly.

Inside the brochure is frequently asked questions about Wisconsin laws and safe driving practices.

Thank you for your interest in MJM Hill Driving School. Please feel tree to contact me anytime.

Kelly Hill
Licensed Driver's Education Instructor
MJM Hill Driving School, LLC

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