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Choosing a driver education program is a critical decision. This will affect your child's driving skills for a life time and the cost of driver education class can be as cheap as $200 or as much as $500 right here in southern Wisconsin. So why choose MJM Hill Driving School? We recognize your child's driving skills are critical to their safety. Each year we are updating our educational materials and training videos for the most current driver education materials and teaching tools. Our reputation as a quality driver education program in Green County is important to us. We are aware of and are continuously updating on teen driving safety which is passed on to your child.

The program is designed to help your child become a driver who is knowledgeable enough and can recognize driving risks so if the time comes when he/she is faced with making a critical driving decision, they are prepared. We strive for a partnership between parents, your child and us to help develop the skills and knowledge your young driver needs to handle an automobile safely and responsibility. Our goal is to teach students strategies so they are capable of driving in any driving environment whether it is familiar or unfamiliar to them.

Our driver education vehicle is a 2005 Toyota Camry and we will be adding a 2005 Town & Country Mini Van this spring. These vehicles are safe and comfortable vehicle to learn in. They are well marked as a "Driver Education Vehicle" with a bright yellow triangle on the top of the vehicle to give us the most visibility to oncoming and surrounding traffic. Your child's safety is important.

Teaching today's teens how to become

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